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LNA Game of the Year Nods?

  Grand Theft Auto V has finally hit the streets in full-fledged pursuit to obtain all of your free time as well as time occupied for your other priorities

. It has had some time to allow the initial reviewers to let the masses know their thoughts and it has seemingly stuck very well. Is it possible that Grand Theft Auto V edges out both BioShock Infinite as well as The Last of Us for Game of the Year?

So far I have only played BioShock Infinite so I do realize that my thoughts on this subject will be a bit one sided for credibility. Based upon conversation with friends who have played The Last of Us as well as watching Let’s Plays to understand the story, I will do my best to not seem like a Zealot that is hell bent on destroying your thoughts of me and my credibility. These are my first takes going into Grand Theft Auto V day one of release day.

BioShock Infinite had a very controversial game but once again one of the best stories told of the year. Likewise, the PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us almost mirrors certain emotions to its’ audience with Joel and Ellie that Infinite does with Booker and Elizabeth. Grand Theft Auto never really had the compelling protagonist that it deserved but rather succeeded on game play mechanics as well as side activities that have been mimicked time-and-time again. If I were to guess, I would imagine that things probably will not change much, or have near the character attachment that was received in the other two games.


One thing that BioShock did bring to the table when it first hit the masses was the highly interactive environments. While turning on and off sinks are not typically considered fun it is nice to note that the developer wanted to cover as much realistic detail as possible. You have not quite lived until you have used water to conduct electricity on your enemies. Once you make it to Columbia, not much changes in this department except for the fact that now you also have more to interact with, whether it be trash cans or other NPCs. In The Last of Us this theme stays very similar with interactive environments, but also to know your environments to your advantage. Players should be wary about creating noises that clickers might hear. As far as interactive environments, while both of those games are very neat in that aspect, both are pale in comparison to what king-pin of interactive environments Grand Theft Auto has given, as well as what V will give its audiences.


These are just a few of the thoughts that I have considered in the beginning process of aligning my personal Game of the Year candidates. We still have a few months to go with many highly anticipated games to come such as Batman: Arkham Origins as well as Southpark: Stick of Truth. Given many others only time will tell who will really deserve the Game of the Year for 2013.

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