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Which Xbox console is best for you and your friendly ghost?

Now that we are 9 weeks into the newest CoD season MOST of the main issues that we had when the game was released have now been ironed out.

There does however, in my opinion, remain a very prominent issue with the global spawn positioning (GSP).

As I play across both consoles, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, I have noticed some significant differences with the general flow of the game. Some are beneficial, others not so much.

A lot of these differences come down to the console and not the actual game itself. Such as with the Xbox One:


–          Many players are only able to achieve a MODERATE NAT type in game

–          Difficulty for many in joining/creating lobbies and turning on party chat

–          Clan members being unable to access their Clan details or use their Clan tags


–          Inviting people to your game is a bit of a drama as well, as you can’t simply invite someone to your lobby, you have to invite them to your party first, then once they connect to the party you need to send another invite to get them into your lobby. Considering people are having a lot of trouble connecting to parties, going through this process to be able to get all your friends in the same lobby can be very time consuming.

Now with the Xbox 360:


–          Joining games and lobbies is as easy as it always has been

–          Generally no matter what your NAT type is you can still join pretty much any lobby.


It would seem that the 360 is winning at this point, until you factor in LAG and game search.

LAG is becoming increasingly worse on the 360, and is really sucking the life out of the game for a lot of gamers.

On the Xbox One LAG seems almost non-existent in comparison. It obviously is still there however it’s smoother, less jumpy and feels like a better gaming experience.

Last night I played a few games on the 360, and whilst I was able to easily invite all my friends to the game and amazingly we could all hear each other, the games yet again were extremely laggy and finding games took forever.

Once I switched to the Xbox One I had to virtually play a game of musical chairs with my friends until we could finally get the right combination of who should join who first to be able to get us all into the one lobby, eventually we got there.


Obviously the graphics on the Xbox One are going to be superior, but does this improve the game play at all or just make it prettier?

In my opinion it makes a massive difference to the game play. You can see your enemy so much easier, lines/shapes are clearer and more defined, shadows aren’t murky camper havens, the dramatically increased color spectrum allows you to make out objects in the distance instead of them all blending together, and then last on that list is yes, it is also prettier.


So at the end of the day which platform will give you the best Call of Duty Ghosts experience?

Amazingly enough I call it at 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

The deciding factor here for me is:

Is playing with your friends and being able to connect with everyone more important? Yes – 360

Is having the best possible in game experience most important? Yes – Xbox One


Thank you – Flame


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