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How to achieve, without actually achieving.

It’s time for a rant……………

As a person that has been gaming for years I have can proudly say that I have earned some very difficult to complete achievements on Xbox.

The amount of time, effort and will power that has to be applied to unlock certain achievements makes for an extremely satisfying outcome.

I recall in particular, spending weeks learning Zombies maps, and all the intricate steps that need to be followed in perfect order to be able to complete some very complex Easter Eggs, 4 and 5 hour blocks at a time painstakingly working through each element only to get ¾ of the way there and have the net drop out, so it was back to the start again, until finally you mastered it and got your extremely rewarding ‘Achievement Unlocked’ notification.

So you can understand my utter shock, disappointment and disgust when I sat down to watch a movie on my Xbox One and received an achievement for simply sitting my butt on the couch and watching a movie!

I mean really? That’s what it has come to now? All you have to do is literally nothing and you are given achievements for it?

Now I understand that a new system is in play here and that you are supposed to earn more rewards for using more aspects of the system, but for just turning something on???

Are achievements no longer a coveted mountain to be conquered? It would seem not.

I used to take great pleasure at comparing my achievements with my friends and then working together to help each other unlock the ones we are all missing.

At this rate I’m surprised I didn’t get an achievement for just turning the Xbox on, or maybe changing the batteries in my controller. It won’t surprise me if next time I log on I get an achievement for being online two days in a row!!

End Rant – FlameABell


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