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Titanfall Inflitration Report #1

Image Good Afternoon and Thank you for tuning in. We have received word from our informants in the field of some new knowledge in regards to the Project: Titanfall at work in the labs of Respawn. The information we have has been confirmed by Respawn and we are working on bringing you more as it develops.


1) There are 3 classes of Titan. The Atlas, the Ogre, and the Stryder are the confirmed Titans at launch. Rumors of a 4th Titan are still floating around but have not been supported.

2)Titans are not boxers, do not plan on using a melee weapon with your Titan against other Titans as it will not have one. Released footage shows it does not need weapons when dealing with enemy pilots.


1) As you fight for either a Frontier Militia or the IMC you will not be able to customize your uniform. This is an organized military effort and regulations state a strict color pattern will be used while in the field. You can express individuality in the form of your Loadout.


1) A.I. support is a force on the battlefield and not to be underestimated. With that said your A.I. partners “Marvins” also have some flaws. Marvins can be directly hacked by pilots with specialty tools that will overwrite programming and change their allegiance.

2) Marvins while combat capable are also not to replace pilots in the field as they have their own weapon class systems in play and will not have the combat acumen a seasoned pilot will. Marvins are to assist the fight, not win it.


1) To all you had been lucky enough to experience the majesty that is Titanfall before your brothers and sisters, Know that you may never share your experiences with anyone, even after the release of the games as per your acceptance into the Alpha.

2) No stats earned in Alpha will be transferred. So we all start as scrubs together. We all start at the same level and allow merits in battle to propel us forward.


1) Titanfall is primed for its launch window in March with no expected delays as of right now.

2) Respawn is planning support for the game post launch, what this means for all is anyones guess, from DLC to new content to expanding game without cost is anyone’s guess.

3) All that has been seen is not all there is too see. Many weapons, and classes have not been seen outside of respawn and will be exciting to see in game when Titanfall drops.

4) More footage and individual snippets of news will be released as we near launch day. Support for PC and Xbox 360 will be announced in the near future in regards to development process.

That’s all we have for now, but our best people are on it. Special thanks to Flame for collecting all this data and we hope to hear more from her in the future.

I am your Humble Host Duke of Deception and we at Playback Gaming will be following all things Titanfall as it develops.


1 Comment on Titanfall Inflitration Report #1

  1. Brilliantly put together oh Duke of Deception, that was a great read 😀


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