News Flash


EA and Respawn just keep on raising the excitement level today.

More important details that you will want to know about the Titanfall Beta are:


–          If you are successful in your registration for the Beta you will receive an email on Feb 14th advising you

–          The Beta starts on Feb 14th also

–          The Beta will feature 3 game modes:

  • Attrition –kill anything on the enemy team to earn Attrition points
  • Hardpoint Domination – Run in just the way you would expect Domination to be run
  • Last Titan Standing – Everyone starts off in a Titan. It’s a best out of 5 wins rotation.

–          Two maps will be available for the Beta – Angel City and Fracture

–          New trailer to celebrate the registration for the beta:

–          There are some issues with registration due to the massive demand so please be patient with the site and keep trying

– In case you missed it and have not yet registered, here is the website:


No doubt more and more information will continue to surface over the next couple of days and you can be sure to find it all at PlayBack Gaming.



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