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TITANFALL: News, Updates & Beta

A massive amount of news has come out about Titanfall in the past 24 hours.

Instead of giving you several different updates I have compiled all the information into one.

In the article you will receive information on:

–          Burn Cards

–          Titanfall Controller precision update

–          4 game play videos of some of the game modes

–          Beta Resolution and Registration


burn cardsIf you are familiar with the perk system from Call of Duty then you will be able to get your head around the concept of Burn Cards easily. The main difference with Burn Cards is you can only use them the once and when you die you lose that card. Having a Burn Card equipped will earn you extra XP per kill and show up on your HUD in red.

These Burn Cards range from milder ‘perks’ such as faster movement, to things such as a different secondary weapon.

At the beginning of each map you will equip a free Burn Card. During the course of each map you can use up to 3 Burn Cards separately. Your equipped Burn Card will carry over with you if you are playing a round based game mode.



tf cpmtrollerAn update will be released at launch for the controller to fix the precision of the analog sticks. This has been organized at the request of Respawn.

The controllers were set to be a bit too ‘twitchy’ but this update will fix that.



tf makingIf you have somehow missed all the updates about where you can go to register to participate in this month’s Beta, here is the link:

Respawn have confirmed details about the native resolution of the Beta, which will be 792p.

The resolution will increase though as we get closer to the final release, and could possibly be as high as 900p once complete.



tf vidsThese videos were specifically taken and released to You Tube for the express purpose of giving us an advanced viewing of some of the maps, game modes and what we can expect from the Beta:


Hardpoint Domination on Fracture:

Last Titan Standing on Fracture:

Hardpoint Domination on Angel City:

Hardpoint Domination on Fracture:



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