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Vanguard (Personal Gaming Environment) SCUF and GAEMS Partnership

A beautiful thing has happened. SCUF Gaming and GAEMS have teamed up to create a new Sentry personal gaming environment that enables to you to be able to game anywhere you want.

Now we have all seen units like this on the market before however this is the first one with the forwards capability for the next gen consoles and SCUF controller storage areas.

The Sentry provides you with a safe and secure means to transport your console and controllers, whilst providing you with:

– Full screen audio and video controls
– Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks
– Xbox 360 and PlayStation PS3 compatibility with forward compatibility for Xbox One and PS4
– 19 inch HD 720p EL-LED display
– Lockable latches and is TSA approved for travel

This unit is fully portable and of high quality. There is nothing that can now stop you from enjoying your favorite games anymore, regardless of if you are on the road or stationed at barracks.

This unit is retailing for $334.95 USD and can be ordered from: Scuf Gaming

SOURCE: Scuf Gaming


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