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GHOSTS DLC – Not so transferable after all……

Have you been wondering why some of your Ghosts DLC is not carrying over from one gen to the next?


There is a bit of a difference between how this works on Xbox and PlayStation, which has caused a lot of confusion for users. Many people are under the assumption that all DLC is tranferable both forwards and backwards on these platforms.

On PlayStation the individual DLC map packs are transferable from PS3 to PS4, however on Xbox, you must be a Season Pass holder for map packs to be transferable from 360 to the X1. Unfortunately Microsoft is only supporting DLC transfer between Xbox 360 and Xbox One if you are a Season Pass holder.

With both the PlayStation and Xbox, DLC is only gen forward compatible it will not transfer backwards. So this means: Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

In regards to the customization items, none of these are transferable. If you want to use them on both platforms you will have to purchase them twice, once on each console. This covers the Personalization Packs, Legend Packs, Special Characters, Extra Slots Packs and The Wolf skin.


I was rather disappointed to learn this as initially my understanding was ALL content would be transferable, not just the map packs for Season Pass holders.

So, if you are playing across two platforms be sure to take a moment to think about which platform you are making your DLC purchase on, as once it’s done you may only be able to access it there.


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