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Tips On Leveling Up In Titanfall

The progress from Generation 1 to Generation 10 for most people will be a slow and gradual process.Here are a few tips you can use to help maximise on your XP every game to get you through those Generations sooner.

Complete Challenges & Use Those [XP] Burn Cards


This is a key way of earning XP with the reward XP ranging from 500-10,000. You can always see the top 6 Challenges that you have active, so work towards them where you can as they will help level you up immensely. There are several burn cards that give you a XP bonus, not just for kills but hits as well. Be sure to use these as often as possible as you will find your card slots fill up very quickly and you definitely want to be getting more of these ones. Think about what game mode you are in before equipping them, for example: the Titan Salvage card is best put to use when playing Last Titan Standing.

Cowboy Up

For managing to land a jump up onto a Titan you earn 50 XP, and if you manage to kill it you will get an additional 100 XP. There are a couple of great ways of getting rid of the enemy Titan such as deploying a satchel charge after you have ripped the brain plate off and detonating it from a safer distance; blowing it while on the Titan will end in your utter demise. You can also call in your Titan while you are on the back of the enemy’s. If it has not moved far you will crush the enemy Titan.

Defending Guard Points & Titans Guarding

Capturing a Hardpoint will land you 200 XP. You can build up quite a bit of points by loitering around the Hardpoint area, you will rack up 75 XP every few moments for the duration of you defending the point. Leaving your Titan on guard mode near Bravo, generally the hot-spot area, will also give you a chance to earn a bit of extra XP. Leaving your Titan on Guard Duty in hot spots around the map is an excellent way to be racking up XP while you are running around earning more yourself. Make sure that you have properly fitted your Titan to guard. Plasma weapons might be useful at taking down enemy Titan shields but they lack the ability to finish off ground troops. It is recommended that you use quick firing weapons


Spectres, Turrets & Grunts Oh My!

You get XP for hacking the Spectre’s and a bonus 100 XP for every Turret that you hack. You can easily bag an extra 400-600 XP per match from doing this. Killing a Grunt gets you 20 XP. They spawn in packs so you can easily grab a quick 100 XP from wiping out a pod after they drop. It’s really easy to kill between 20-60 Grunts per match if you are using the ‘Minion Finder’ which will be giving you between an extra 400-1200 bonus XP each match.

Catch A Flight & Deny Their Passport Out

For making it onto the dropship you earn 200 XP, with an additional 100 XP if you happen to be the only member of your team to make it. Co-ordinate your team and get to that pick up zone as quickly as you can. A team of about three Titans can take down the enemy’s dropship and you will earn an additional 100 XP.

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