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Titanfall on Xbox 360 Delayed (Again)

If you were looking forward to playing it on Xbox 360, looks like you will have to wait even longer. Possibly, Respawn and EA looked at it and decided that they didn’t like the other development of the port. Blue Point now gets until the 11th of April.


Two sides to this. It sucks that anyone waiting to play it has to wait longer. It’s great to see that EA learned it cannot rush development of it’s games. It sucks that some of it’s biggest franchises and most anticipated games took a hit because of their eagerness to cash in.

They gave PopCap and Respawn plenty of time to work on their given titles and have seen very little issues come out of those titles such as Peggle 2, PvZ: Garden Warfare and Titanfall. DICE and Maxis were rushed to release Battlefield 4 and the latest Sim City installment and it showed. Fans can only hope that EA does not rush DICE with it’s prized possession of the Star Wars: Battlefronts franchise.

Source: EA Blog

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