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Dimming that PS4 DualShock Controller

Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that in the upcoming PS4 firmware update you will be getting a feature that many people have been asking for – the ability to dim the lightbar on your DualShock 4 controller.

Previous reports were that the lightbar could be completely switched off, this is not that case.

The lightbar on DualShock 4 controllers works with the PlayStation Camera as a tracking beacon. When there is more than one person gaming the lightbar will designate each player a color decided on by the order in which they start gaming (blue,red,green,pink).

I don’t own a PS4 but know a few people who do and they tell me that the brightness of the lightbar is extremely annoying, so I think this feature will be received by all with open arms.

Included in the firmware update will be video capturing. For more details on this please see: Playstation 4 to get creative with video capturing


1 Comment on Dimming that PS4 DualShock Controller

  1. For me personally I’ve never found the brightness of the light bar to be an issue. And TBH, I’ve never noticed it or paid attention to it while I’m gaming.


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