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Titans To Fall For All

As you would expect, Electronic Arts (EA) has apparently already secured the rights to Titanfall 2, according to GameSpot. Frankly that is no surprise.


What may surprise you though is that the same source at GameSpot is also confirming something that we have all been speculating on since we found out that Titanfall was going to be a Microsoft exclusive.
Yep you guess it, Titanfall 2 will could very well be available to PlayStation 4 players.
Whilst EA won’t go on the record just yet as confirming this, they are not denying it either, which makes sense as they want to sell more copies with the Xbox One bundle first right?

So whilst the wait may still be a long one for PlayStation gamers, at least you can start looking forward to the real possibility that Titanfall 2 will be coming to a PlayStation near you next year.

SOURCE: GameSpot


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