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OpTic KR3W: Titanfall Montage and CoD Tips

OpTic KR3W's first montage release upon his return to the gaming scene, and some great tips to help Call of Duty players with their game play....

As you would all be aware by now, OpTic KR3W is making his way back to the gaming scene.

Today marks the release of his first Titanfall montage, and I was lucky enough to sit down and ask him a few questions that I thought all you budding gamers out there might find useful.

So sit back and enjoy the first montage released by OpTic KR3W in years, then have a read of these great tips to see if this can help you enhance your game play too.

OpTiC KR3W’s ‘The Comeback is Real’ Montage

Flame: For gamers struggling with their game play in CoD what advice would you offer them?

KR3W: Relax, remember this is a video game. Have fun with it! Take each map different, play to your advantages. Try to identify what style of player you are, Slayer, Support, etc then set up your classes accordingly.

scopeThere is no point in using a heavy LMG if you are a run & gunner, you need something agile with a perk system to compliment it. Don’t always use the same load out for every game mode. Think about what the objective of that game mode is and have different classes set up to compliment it. For example: For Kill Confirmed, which is typically a fast paced game mode, you are most likely going to benefit from running a fast moving SMG class, where as with Search and Destroy, you will want something higher powered that’s better over long distances like a Assault Rifle with a stealthy perk system and devises that can protect the bomb site.

Depending on the map size you may need to change up again. A class that works well for TDM on a small CQB map is not going to be as effective on a wide open large map. So take a minute to think about your load outs before starting the game.


Flame: For budding CoD players trying to get into the competitive circuit what advice would you offer them?

KR3W: First off learn how to take a loss. If you get super frustrated and want to give up because you’ve been at it for a while and nothing is working, don’t. Step back and take what you can from the experience and build on that. Try to find a decent team that isn’t going to break up and stick with them.


Flame: Do you have and tips or tricks you could share with your fans to help them improve their game?

KR3W: Just do what is fun. Always remember why you picked up a controller in the first place.


Remember to subscribe to OpTic KR3W’s You Tube channel for more upcoming montage releases.

This has been a Playback Gaming exclusive.



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