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Playback Gaming’s Titanfall Update 14 April 2014

In this update I will be discussing the upcoming proposed additions to the game and the recently confirmed first DLC pack.

Respawn have announced at PAX that they are planning on increasing the customization options, and adding stat-tracking abilities, and competitiveDECALS rankings.
One of the key customization additions will be the ability to apply decals to your Titan. Ever since the release of the Beta one of the most commonly noted items on everyone’s ‘Titanfall wish list’ has been the ability to personalize the Titans, so this really will be a crowd pleaser.


At this point in time we are unable to view each others stats, so comparing how you are fairing to how your mates are going has not been possible. So again, this planned addition for stat-tracking will keep those crowds cheering.

For those of us that need more than just a battle against randomly chosen players, that yearn for the taste of real competition, Respawn are looking into adding competitive rankings so you can not only compete against your friends but also players all over the world via the Overall Ranking System.

statsAlso on the horizon are some game mode ‘tweaks’ that Respawn are going to trial run to see what feedback they receive from the community. If they receive enough good feedback the ‘tweaked’ game modes could be left in the game permanently.
One of these proposed game modes is called ‘Attrition Elite’. It’s sort of an Attrition/Pilot Hunter hybrid mode that focuses only on the Pilot and Titan kills.


Now onto the first DLC pack which is due to land in May: Expedition.
As you would expect, there are new maps on the way: Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames.
It has also been reported though that Respawn advised at PAX that we will also be getting a new game mode and some fresh Burn Cards with this DLC, which will be awesome. We have known for a while now that Respawn have been working on new game modes but did not know when you could expect them to start adding these modes into the game.
dlc Some very brief descriptions of the new maps have been released. Swampland contains a large number of trees which allow you to wall run in crazy, unpredictable paths, Runoff is loosely connected to Swampland and according to the developers, “it has a lot of pipes and water”, and War Games takes place within the area Titan pilots train in.


Respawn are really coming to the party with the recent and planned updates. I am quite impressed at how quickly they are addressing issues, rolling out DLC and introducing new features to the game decided upon through analysis of community feedback.
Given the start they are off too already with this game I think we can expect big things from Titanfall and Respawn.

SOURCE: Titanfall


1 Comment on Playback Gaming’s Titanfall Update 14 April 2014

  1. Matthew Bradley // April 14, 2014 at 2:10 PM // Reply

    More TitanFall content, hopefully this will keep me occupied until games like Wolfenstein and Sniper Elite 3 come out, the novelty quickly wore off this game.

    What I would like though, is a flamethrower attachment for Titan’s. Napalm!


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