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Titanfall’s Next Focus

It seems that Respawn cannot get enough of making our time with their new IP, Titanfall, more enjoyable. While we just recently had an update to the game, Game Director, Steve Fukada, wrote about what they will be focusing on next.

Updates to Titanfall will include the following

  • Minor tweaks and fixes to the Gooser Challenge
  • More generous scoring on Hardpoint for attacking players
  • Weapon balancing tweaks for the 40mm and Quad Rocket
  • Continuing to improve matchmaking

They will invest into convenience features:

  • Add the ability to name your custom load outs
  • Make specific loadouts for specific game modes
  • Filter your challenges
  • Displaying the final scoreboard of the previous match (still no leader boards)

Infrastructural Features:

  • Ability to tweak private matches to your choosing
  • Adding a ‘competitive spirit’ feature that is yet to be decided on

They will also be looking into other features to bring to the game as well as content including new Burn Cards, Titan “Nose Art” Insignia’s to customize your titan. There also will be new game modes and new maps on the way. Everything aside from map packs will be free of charge.

Source: Titanfall

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  1. I can’t wait!


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