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Stuck between a Devil and a Hardpoint

An interview with Aizen26 – Commander and Chief of THE DEVILS PARADE. 

Amongst the clash of Titans, endless battle for domination, and relentless onslaught on the Titanfall battlefield, you will find THE DEVILS PARADE.


Since the turn on the century the Devils have been dominatidp2ng the field across various platforms and FPS games. I was lucky enough to sit down with the Clan Leader of the Devils and ask him a few questions about what makes them a championship team, and to find out more about Aizen’s band ATTACK THE THRONE.


Flame: How long has THE DEVILS PARADE Clan been active for and what are some of your most notable Clan achievements?

Aizen: We actually started in Socom Fireteam Bravo on the PSP, I think that was like 13 years ago or something, but we became a competitive team during Call of Duty World at War.

This is where we became the DOMINATION online champs, winning every tournament that there was. We were also ranked in the top 5 during Black Ops 1 in online competitive tournaments.

A lot of our members are still originals and we have never stopped crushing the competition.



Flame: Could you tell us a bit about your band and what inspires you to write such compelling music?

Aizen: I have been a signed musician since 2004. My most successful bands being MEDIA LAB, and more recently KILL YOUR NAME.  My music comes from massive heartache and heart break, mostly about losing the ones closest to me because of my carelessness or mistakes but, there is no triumph without struggle I guess.  I have currently started a new band called ATTACK THE THRONE.

Flame: What first got you into gaming and keeps you coming back for more?

Aizen: Online FPS’s for sure! I am competitor through and through.  It drives me.

Flame: What advice would you offer gamers out there that are trying to improve their game play?

Aizen: Stop worrying so much about you K/D ratio and personal stats and worry about your understanding of strategy. Play to win.  That’s why we play games right, to win?  Seems like a lot of people forget that and play to show off their personal stats…. it’s retarded.

dp1Flame: What does it take to make the cut for lRUMl ?

Aizen: Extreme ability to win a match at all costs. Awareness, passion, and being able to stay focused and find a way to win.  We do not care about your K/D, we care about what u can do to stop the other team from capturing objectives. We win about 85% of the time, and that is high.

We are Hardpoint specialists, dominating the field with team work and clear communication, so anyone interested in joining us would need to not only be well versed in the strategies used to win Hardpoint, but would also need to be able to take orders and work within a unit.

Flame: What are your aspirations for the near future in the competitive gaming circuit?

Aizen: To take first place in every ladder in TITANFALL and win every championship.

The Clan tag in front of our name is LRUML – the L’s form brackets around RuM, after you get beaten by us we will have to ask, “R U Mad?”.


Like what you just listened to? Well be sure to subscribe to ATTACK THE THONE on You Tube.

To follow THE DEVILS PARADE on Twitch and catch some of their game play live follow them at:

This has been a PlayBack Gaming exclusive.

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