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Embargo lifted – Destiny details are flowing

Overnight the embargo for Destiny has been lifted and a flood of information has started coming through. Here are some of the first details that have been released. 

If I buy Destiny on a last gen console will my character be transferable?

If you own a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and know you will be upgrading later this year but don’t want to miss out on all the action in September then you are in luck.

Tyson Green from Bungie has confirmed that they are working on ensuring that you will be able to migrate your character over from last gen to current gen consoles.

This means if you buy the game for Xbox 360, play for 2 months for example then upgrade to an Xbox One you will be able to transfer your character to the X1 and not have to start again – awesome !

Tyson Green went on to say “We’re really interested in making sure that a last-gen character can move to next-gen just because there’s gonna be a lot of people that buy Destiny on, say, a PS3 or a 360 and then they get a PS4 for Christmas and it’s like, well, ‘Don’t tell me I’ve just wasted my last hundred hours there.’ We don’t want to lock people in”.


In-game trading:

Another very interesting piece of information that has been confirmed by Tyson Green from Bungie is the introduction of an in-game player economy, meaning that you will be able to trade items with other players. Green has this to say about its introduction process:

“We’re really excited about doing a player economy, but for launch, we’re going to be restricting it to trading items between your own characters. We have a lot to learn about the way the economy works, and also the security situation, both for our own systems and platforms.”


Now onto some of the mechanics of the game:

The Patrol mode in Destiny is going to be the most popular starting point for most players I believe. This mode gives you the ability to roam free, complete side missions, conquer enemies, hunt for beacons, collect loot and explore the vastness of the lands the way you want too without the restriction of having to follow a story line or set progress parameters.

You can choose to interact with other players or do your own thing and change back and forth as you please with big praises already being handed out for the games match making abilities.


Now for those that do prefer a more structured/guided approach to their gaming there is the Strike mode which is co-op missions. These missions are repayable so you can do them as many times as you want with different people providing you with a different experience every time, and most of these missions finish with a ‘boss battle’ and lots and lots of loot.

There are three different Guardian classes to utilise, Hunters, titans, and Warlocks. Each with their own strong attributes. Hunters are designed to be fast moving big hitters that cause the maximum damage over medium to long range, Titans are similar to what you would expect of a Tank role, and Warlocks are the heaviest hitting class out of the 3. Each of these classes has its own special ability and some signature items in the load outs All classes can use any of the weapons though which means you are not restricted to say a heavy LMG or such for your stronger classes.

As you travel around the world and complete missions you will collect more weapons for your arsenal of which you can upgrade with mods and level up their overall performance.

Here is some game play released by Bungie of ‘The Devil’s lair’ co-op mission:

Plenty more details are still being released, and you can expect further updates from me as they become available. This is a great week to be a Destiny fan as we finally find out more of the intricate details which make up the vast universe awaiting us.


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