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The Titanfall Companion App has arrived


The app is available now for Microsoft, Android and iOS devices and here is what it can do for you:


The Intel section acts as an information guide to each of the in-game components.

• Universe – Learn about Planets, Characters, Vehicles, Creatures, Tech and Factions within Titanfall
• Levels – Provides a direct overview of the Titanfall Multiplayer Campaign as well as a built-in Strategy Guide.
• Armory – Provides details on all weapons and includes 3D models of all the Pilots & Titans.
• Game Modes – Distinguishes each game mode as well as detailing the ‘Rules of Play’.
• Help Controls – Details varying controller layouts.

The Stats section provides a comprehensive list of player personal statistics. This will include information such as: Total Kills, Favorite Weapon, Time Spent Playing etc.

Mini Map:
The Mini Map section will provide players with a live and interactive version of the current in-game map. Each player has free rein over what they see, functions like the ability to zoom out and see the map in its entirety as well as the ability to zoom into specific locations on the map are included.

The mini-map also contains a ‘Filter’ option. This is a feature that allows players to toggle pertinent game information on and off. Filters are unique to the Titanfall companion app and present players with additional map information that cannot be accessed in the title. In-game Filters are displayed on the right hand side of the application.

ap3Download the Titanfall Companion App for your specific device from the below links.

Windows Store:

Windows Phone:…




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