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Introducing Destiny’s Fusion Rifle

In the lead up to E3, most companies are keeping all their cards to their chests. Bungie however has decided to share this with us:

The function of the fusion rifle is to make your opponents dead. That’s how I relate to it, at least. When I need more detailed analysis on how an implement of destruction does its job, I go to Josh Hamrick, one of the resident gunsmiths in our Tower. Here’s what he had to say about the experimental weaponry in your arsenal:

The Fusion Rifle is an energy based weapon that must be charged up to fire. The charge speed varies per weapon, but in general it makes the weapon significantly slower to fire than a shotgun. If the user is adept, he can bypass this delay by pre-charging the weapon before acquiring line of sight to his target.

In terms of range, the Fusion Rifle is intended for medium range combat, significantly outpacing a standard shotgun. While it was not built to handle long range combat, users that can tame its recoil and have a little luck on their side may find themselves picking off targets outside the approved range.

One last thing…
Because the Fusion Rifle uses a pulsing emitter in order to keep heat buildup to a minimum, it actually fires seven distinct beams in very quick succession. Because of this, users have had luck sweeping the weapon across multiple targets, eliminating all of them with a single fire event.
Destiny’s beta is set to start sometime this July. – Bungie



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