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Watch Dogs Companion App

Launched today along with Watch Dogs is the ctOS Mobile companion app. 

According to Ubisoft this app will have mobile user pitted against the console/PC player.

This companion app is free to download and does not require you to own Watch Dogs, and will not feature any microtransactions.


The ctOS Mobile app will include two modes:

  • Race: where the player must race from checkpoint to checkpoint. Every time a checkpoint is passed, more time is added back to the clock. The goal is to reach the final checkpoint before time runs out.
  • Free Ride: as Watch_Dogs console players race from checkpoint to checkpoint gaining time at every interval, ctOS Mobile players hack the city through a top-down map. From there, they can trigger barricades, set off explosions and call in assists from helicopter-stationed snipers and the police. If ctOS Mobile players can stop Watch_Dogs players, they win.


The ctOS app will launch with 26 challenges, 13 for each mode, and you will have access to a map generator which allows you to create your own challenges.

You can match up against random players using the Quick Match mode, and all you need is a Xbox Live, PlayStation or Uplay account to log in with.



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