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Destiny gets white PS4, exclusive content and much more announced today….

Let’s start with the exclusive PS4 bundle.

This bundle includes a 500GB Glacier White PS4 console with white dual shock controller, the Destiny game and a 30 day voucher for PlayStation Plus.

Given the reactions of the crowd in the reveal video below, this is quite a big deal to some games.

Everybody stop, its beta time, nar nar nar nar….

The beta launches on June 17th for PlayStation with other platforms following 4 days later. This early access is a part of the exclusive rewards for PlayStation gamers.

Sony confirmed that the Alpha testing will commence on Thursday of this week and will run through to the end of the weekend, which again only PlayStation gamers can participate in. If you have not registered and wish to do so please visit:

Greatness Awaits – Destiny

beta destiny

PlayStation gets another win with exclusive content in the form of unique weapons, ships, gear, and Exodus which is a competitive MP map and a Strike mission on Mars for PSN only.

If you missed the big release trailer during the press conference today here is it for you:

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