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Special reward on the way for those that completed the 50 Gooser kills challenge

Did you painstakingly complete the Gooser challenge when it still required 50 kills?

That is one of the most difficult challenges that most people have faced, with many being stuck on gen 5 due to this. For those of you that completed this challenge before it was reduced to 5, Respawn has tweeted that they will be finally rewarding you for that mammoth effort.

To coincide with the next update coming to Titanfall, which includes the ability to customize your Titan with emblems, those that completed the 50 kills will receive a special Titan emblem to display for the world to see.

No image has been released of this emblem as yet, however as more details about it and the upcoming update are released I will be sure to let you know.


Details on the upcoming update: The next Titanfall update


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