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Definitive Editions: Gift or a Curse?

Around the time of console generation changes, many gamers find themselves in a series of conflicts and decisions to make. A lot of games tend to find themselves on multiple platforms and the gamers will have to make a decision on where to play. Some games within a year of release of the generation switch find themselves creating a prettier and sometimes sturdier version than the prior-gen.

Just this generation alone, we have been gifted games that were released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 come to the PS4 and Xbox One. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition primarily was the first of these  titles to make this transition. Tomb Raider sold well for the 7th generation of consoles, so it’s a no-brainer that they were going to port it to a generation that was right around the corner. In doing so, they had to make it worth-while, providing better graphics, included DLC and other things. Does it create value for gamers to buy the game for new consoles if they already own[ed] it?

There are a slew of games coming out in the next year that were games that look fun to play on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Many gamers may refrained from purchasing the games because of the new console generation. I would have loved to pick up a PS3 to play The Last of Us, as well as a few more prior titles, but being so close to the next generation I could not seem to bring myself to a justification of the purchase. I had been set on getting a new console at it’s launch for about a year and a half prior to it, buying a new “older” console didn’t make much sense. Now with the game getting it’s own prettier version on the PS4 I find reason to be able to play it.The Last of Us is not the only game to join this trend either.

The last purchase I made for the prior-generation was Grand Theft Auto V, personally, it was my favorite title on the Xbox 360, period. The funny story for my Grand Theft Auto V experience started off with the death of my Halo 3 console as I booted it up to play for the first time. Luckily, I had a back up and was able to explore one of the most gorgeous and solid games of the generation.

I’m excited for Grand Theft Auto V to make it’s way to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It looks gorgeous and just based off of shown demos of the next-generation version, the processing abilities look to increase the city life. More processing creates more AI which will increase the volume of traffic, NPC’s, wildlife and weather effects. To add what will help with this game, Rockstar has spent nearly a year working on their Online mode and making that operate smoothly, so this should port over nicely. Also, DLC hasn’t even been mentioned yet and it is hard to imagine that Rockstar will not be doing any sort of DLC for one of their premier titles.

One thing that Rockstar should be given credit for is that they don’t tend to over-sell their games, and they do not typically use CGI support or tooled down scales to showoff their games. I purchased it for the Xbox 360 and will be purchasing it as well for my Xbox One.

There are other games making this Definitive journey. Diablo III is coming alongside the Reaper of Souls expansion. That alone is worth the pick up, also being that PlayStation 4 players will be able to get a goody with The Last of Us infected will be part of the Diablo/PS4 experience. Also, it will be cheaper for those who have the game already, though I am unsure of how that will work.

Minecraft-Xbox-One-Edition-VS.-Xbox-360-SCREENSHOT-COMPARISON-+-PS3PS4-+-MOREPayDay 2 will make a next-gen debut as well, presumably with all the love and care that the PC community received. Though not many details of this have been released. Minecraft and Terraria are among two popular crafting titles that will be making the journey. Both will have increased features as well as performance boosts. Tell-Tale will be releasing The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us onto next-generation as well, I have not confirmed yet if you will be able to transfer prior saves in any way.

Some gamers feel this practice as benevolent for the publishers own agenda. Instead of making new games they are taking old games and just making them look prettier for sales-sakes. With new systems we should be receiving new games, new IPs; we should not be receiving games that are re-skins of old. In a way I think I can understand this thought process as I’ve felt the same way about sports titles that receive annual releases. Often they come with just prettier graphics but little to no improvements over prior versions, but this is an argument all in it’s own.

In the end, what is great about it will be the ability for others to play these awesome games that they may have missed. It makes much more sense for me to play it on a next-gen if I have the ability to move forward, than to buy a system that is going to start receiving less and less support.

Do you think that definitive ports are bad or good for gaming?

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