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Master Chief Collection: A Look Under the Armor.


Master Chief has been a central pillar of modern console gaming ever since his introduction in November 2001. Ushering in Microsoft’s bid to the console market, the Halo series with MC as it’s stoic,resourceful, and short on nonsense hero, helped solidify Microsoft as a genuine game console contender and eventually one of the “Big 3” and making Master Chief its icon.

Many young men and women started their adventure in gaming with Master Chief being their guide. While some Halo fans would never leave the sweeping set pieces or orchestral backed battlefields that make up the single player campaign or the twitch shooting, tea bagging explosion fest that is competitive multiplayer, many a gamer cut their teeth with the Halo series and used it as the diving board into the world of gaming. With so much history and such a large player base it is understandable why many of those who are fans of the franchise are ecstatic about the Master Chief Collection.

Bringing the campaign of the 4 Master Chief Oriented Halo Games (ODST and Reach while great are excluded) along with their respective online multiplayer modes (with the all the maps), Forge (Grifball V3 TBA), dedicated servers (goodbye yo-yo lag), a unified interface (Im hoping a minimalist UI), increased visual fidelity (HD crotch in your face), and gameplay running at 60 fps (The explosions are so smooth!) this is something that will help many to round out a growing library on next gen as well as giving a new generation to see the MC story from beginning to end (as we know it, until Halo 5 in 2015).

But not everything is coming back like it once was. Instead of spectator mode a more integrated Twitch function will be used to allow more sharing among the community.

So grab your rifles, gas up the Warthog and get ready to replay some memories as the Master Chief Collection drops November 11.


2 Comments on Master Chief Collection: A Look Under the Armor.

  1. Wish halo reach was included but I know! I know! It’s called the master chief collection.


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