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Destiny beta for Xbox & surprise rating announced

Hey everybody, just a quick bit of info for all you Destiny fans out there. Looks like the timeline for beta access for Xbox fans is finally being released (or at least heavily teased).

Back on June 7th Bungie announced that PlayStation gamers would get an additional 4 days access before other platforms, meaning the xboxers would be looking at a July 21st date, however the new image they have released yesterday says that the xboxers can expect access in ‘late July’ suggesting that it may be a few more days than that. No solid date has been advised as yet however it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this means it will be between 21 – 25 July.

4 days

Now as you would expect, yes you have to have an active gold membership to be able to participate in the beta and it will be available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.



Now I don’t know if this surprises you as much as it did me but Destiny has actually been rated T for ‘Teen’ by the ESRB, not ‘Mature’ like I think we were all expecting. The description that goes along with this rating tells us that there will be “animated blood” and “violence.” – A bit vague! No mention of harsh language, gambling or tobacco use, so this is why Destiny has been able to sneak in under the ‘M’ rating radar and come out the other side with ‘Teen’. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, however I’m sure it won’t make any dramatic difference to how awesome the game will be over all.

We have come to expect ‘M’ rated games from Bungie, with all the Halo games falling into that category, in response Bungie has said:

“We’ve always set out to make games that lots of players can enjoy, and to build experiences that matter to people. For Destiny, we didn’t aggressively pursue one rating over another, though. We constructed foundational pillars that have guided development from start to finish. We wanted our worlds to be a place people felt good about spending time in. We wanted our worlds to be worthy of heroes. For us that meant Destiny would never be reprehensible, but rather bright, hopeful, and adventurous. That’s a world that resonates with us, and we hope it resonates with gamers, too.”

Remember to pre-order to get your beta access as Bungie keeps reminding us that they are only available until codes run out, there is no promise that pre-ordering will get you a beta code, and beware the Moon wizards!

SOURCE: Polygon & Bungie


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