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New Halo Game on the Horizon?

It seems that more Halo projects are on the development horizon.

Who can honestly be upset with that? Recently, Microsoft posted employment position ads  for 343 Industries went up for opportunities to work on a new project in the Halo universe. Already, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is due this November and Halo 5 next year.

Other projects prior to work for the Halo universe have been scarce. Halo: ODST, Halo Wars and Halo Reach were all “spinoff” games featuring different views of the war with the Covenant. Halo Wars was a real-time strategy game that was developed by Ensemble Studios, who have since gone defunct.  Could it be a new game that likewise strays away from the typical first person shooter?

Sourced via Dualshockers

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2 Comments on New Halo Game on the Horizon?

  1. Did you bother proof reading this at all before you posted it?


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