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Bungie Talks of Redone Voice Overs

A recent Q&A with Bungie revealed a lot of new things for the upcoming release of Destiny.

become_legendFor starters the team did announce that the voicing from Peter Dinklage has been redone and will be expected to be redone once more before release. Upon the PlayStation Alpha, there was some backlash and complaints about the voice-over.  “Funny thing about Alpha builds…they’re not done. Please pardon our Moon dust!”

They did finally reveal the achievements and trophies that will be present on the game. The range seems pretty vast and includes both player-versus-player (PvP) as well as player-verses-everyone [else] (PvE). There is no telling what the hardest achievement or trophy will be, though some such as Lucky 7’s seem to require more patience and luck than skill of obtaining a score of all 7’s.

They did mention that the PlayStation 4 Beta will begin on July 17th for PlayStation and will start sometime shortly after for Xbox. They avoided announcing how long the Beta would be held but did say that those who pay attention to prior details would have some indication of the time duration.

Bungie did indicate that there will be a collector’s edition to the game but they were not ready to announce the details. This past April’s 1st, they played a cruel Aprile Fool’s joke with fans stating there would be a collector’s edition that included a trip to the moon.

Source: Bungie

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