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Watch Dogs DLC: Now available for all

Those of you with the season pass already have access to this DLC, for everyone else though the wait is over.

You can now access three new missions, unlockable weapons and new skills.

One of these missions is focused around Aiden locating scrambler vehicles and eliminating them, and the other two are very similar to the gang hideout scenarios and the weapons you will be adding to your arsenal are the biometric rifle and Auto-6 pistol.

Other fun items included in the DLC are:

  • Battery boost
  • The new South Chicago outfit
  • A perk to speed reloads and reduce recoil
  • A  driving upgrade that gives vehicles more endurance
  • An ATM hack to boost money from hacked accounts.

This DLC pack is available in the marketplace now and will only set you back $6.99 USD.


SOURCE: Ubisoft


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