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If Super Smash Bros. Characters Were Part of WWE

It is not everyday that you get to gaze upon something so disturbing as well as awesome, all in one!

 However, NeoGAF does this and more as it linked us all back to this YouTube video where someone clearly has too much time on their hands. So much time and for all of the right reasons. It seems that YouTuber madagascarsan spent some time with the WWE character creator to make an awesome rendition of characters that took their likenesses from the Nintendo world. What’s not strange about it is that this doesn’t seem like it would be out of the ordinary if it was real life.

Some of these characters seem to be so awesome. What’s better than a fat [muscular?] Pikachu beating his opponent senselessly? The Villager does look like someone you wouldn’t want to really know, more of a social delinquent in my opinion.

Who is your favorite character from this?

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1 Comment on If Super Smash Bros. Characters Were Part of WWE

  1. I want the main character from Wonderful 101. He would be perfect for the game.


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