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This Week In New Releases (Week Of 07.08.14)

Are you looking for a new game to purchase, but are unsure on what game(s) to buy? Well, here are some games that caught my eye and will be releasing this week.

(Just for clarification, these are North American release dates.)


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5, “Cry Wolf” (PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, iOS & Xbox 360) – 07.08-10.14

The newest episode, which also happens to be the season finale, of TellTale’s The Wolf Among Us releases this week. For all the information regarding the release dates & whatnot check out my blog.



One Piece: Unlimited World Red (Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita) – 07.08.14

Unfortunately , the PS Vita release has been pushed back a week. One Piece: Unlimited World Red is the fifth game in the Unlimited series



Mouse Craft (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac & Linux) – 07.08.14

Mouse Craft is a puzzle game, that is a cross between Tetris and Lemmings, where the player helps mice in their quest to find cheese by stacking these blocks called Tetrominos. 



Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita) – 07.08.14

The classic platformer, Another World is finally making it’s way to the PlayStation family of consoles, and will feature three-way cross buy support across all 3 platforms (PS3, PS4, PS Vita).



Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3) – 07.08.14

The National Treasure Edition of Saints Row IV is just Saints Row IV with 20+ DLC packs, all for the low price of $29.99. If you never got around to picking up Saints Row IV when it was released last fall, now is definitely the time to pick it up.

The Saints Row official website states that the National Treasure Edition will be releasing on July 8th, if this changes at all we will be sure to let you know.



Looks like we have some good titles coming out this week, I sure hope you have got your money ready. If you only have enough money to get one game out of these, the game that I would personally recommend getting would have to be either The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – “Cry Wolf” or Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition. To all my fellow gamers, enjoy whatever game(s) you decide to pick up this week and get your game on.


Also don’t forget about July’s free games on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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