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Some new details released about The Master Chief Collection

By now you will have all seen the new trailer released for the Master Chief Collection, if not I have included it below for you.

Some highlights have been released from 343 and Certain Affinity’s appearance at RTX. It’s not a lot of information but for the diehard Halo fans out there it’s stuff you will be pleased to know:


  • The Halo YouTube channel uploaded a new trailer (below) for the game featuring The Arbiter, voiced by actor Keith David.
  • 343 announced that Coagulation will be one of the six remastered maps.
  • In addition to returning multiplayer game types, Halo 2: Anniversary will add new modes like Ricochet (from Halo 4), Race (with “a huge number of game mode options”), SWAT, Infection, and others.
  • The Mongoose vehicle is being upgraded with mounted guns to become the “Gungoose,” which should be a nice addition to the Mongoose capture the flag mode, especially on the remastered Coagulation map.
  • Responding to a question from a fan, 343 said it has no plans to give Halo 3 the anniversary treatment at the moment.


SOURCE: Gamespot


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