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Battleborn & It’s Epic Trailer

So a few days have passed since the announcement of Battleborn and we still feel compelled to share it with you!

 The awesome reveal trailer for Battleborn, the [latest] IP from GearBox Software, is nothing more than epic from the visuals to the music. It almost feels like something that is taken right out of the page from a vibrant, colorful Blizzard or Valve game. While this is only a CGI trailer and featuring no game play trailer, we can only speculate what to expect when the game drops.

You can see the female protagonist of the trailer running among a horde of what sort of looks like cybernetic beetles. At some point she finds herself over-ran with the horde but alas a robot-like humanoid appears to help out followed by a suit of characters barraging bullets and magic at the onslaught of beetles. At one point you do see the protagonist sliding quickly among the trees as well as running along things. We can only assume that some sort of parkour will be part of the game.

The music, if felt vaguely familiar, is by french recording artist M83 delivering the song titled  My Tears Are Becoming A Sea. Magnificent in it’s own light, his music has been apart of some great compositions of work such as Cloud Atlas with Outro. Like the epic musical compositions of Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Inception)  or Martin O’Donnell (Halo, Destiny), could we be looking at the newest  great composer for cinema and video games?

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2 Comments on Battleborn & It’s Epic Trailer

  1. Looks great, hopefully it plays great. Not sure about the name of the game though…


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