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This Week In New Releases (Week Of 07.15.14)

Are you looking for a new game to purchase, but are unsure on what game(s) to buy? Well, here are some games that caught my eye and will be releasing this week.

(Just for clarification, these are North American release dates.)


One Piece: Unlimited World Red (PlayStation Vita) – 07.14.14

The Vita version releases a week after the other version of this game. One Piece: Unlimited World Red is the fifth game in the Unlimited series.



Abyss Odyssey (PC, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360) – 07.15-16.14

Abyss Odyssey is new side-scrolling action adventure game featuring a complex fighting engine in procedurally generated levels that destines its three warriors to battle a different abyss each time. Abyss Odyssey will be releasing on July 15th on PC & PS3, and on Xbox 360 the following day.



Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 (PC, Xbox 360 & Xbox One) – 07.16.14

Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 is based off the popular collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering.

M15 Duels - Steam 4


Destiny Beta (PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4) – 07.17.14

PS players rejoice, the long awaited beta for Destiny is coming you way this week. To read up on Destiny, check out this particular blog post out.

Just a heads up for the Xbox gamers, you’ll be getting access to the Destiny beta starting on July 23rd.

beta destiny


Looks like we have some good titles coming out this week. I know I always you give you a weekly suggestion, but this week none of the games are really all that appealing to me personally, except for maybe the Destiny Beta for the PlayStation gamers.  To all my fellow gamers, enjoy the game(s) you decide to pick up this week and get your game on.


For all my PlayStation gamers out there, don’t forget about the Flash Sale.

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