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Bungie makes receiving your bonus beta codes easier

Further details have now been confirmed by Bungie about how you will receive your bonus beta codes.

The Bungie website advises us that we would have to re-visit the ‘redeem code’ page on their website the day of the beta (17 July for PS, 23 July for Xbox). They have now advised that they will be emailing you these codes also so you don’t have to sit patiently waiting and refreshing your screen on launch day. This is much more convenient for everyone so I am glad they have decided to do this.

“If you’ve selected your console for the Destiny Beta, you’ll receive email with your download tokens when the games begin on that platform. Download keys for the Destiny Beta will be emailed or found on your profile page on the start date for your console.” – Bungie.

Bungie have also gone on to clarify the misunderstanding about who will and will not be receiving special surprises and rewards for participating in the beta. Due to the promotional deal between Activision and Sony most people are under the impression that only PlayStation gamers will be receiving these. Bungie have confirmed that ALL who participate will receive these regardless of what platform you are on.

beta timeline

SOURCE: Bungie


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  1. Stunning quest there. What happened after? Good luck!


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