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Nero Becomes Xbox One Exclusive

In an interesting turn of events, the indie developer Storm in a Teacup created an exclusive game. Then again, maybe it was exclusive the whole time and I didn't even notice?

When I first saw Nero, I fell in love with how gorgeous it was. Anticipating a multi-console release, I was actually anticipating on purchasing this on multiple ports to get different and unique perspectives of the game. Shockingly, that will not be happening.

Sometime between E3 and now, the new indie-IP Nero will be an Xbox One exclusive. While it isn’t for certain if it will be timed or not, we can probably determine it will be a pure exclusive as the advertising now states “Only on the Xbox One” rather than “Play it first.”

Nero Capture

So if you were hoping to play this on another console, looks like you are out of luck. Fortunately I have an Xbox One and will be able to play it there. So much for hoping to play it on the Nintendo 3DS as well.

It looks like Nero is looking at a Q1 2015 release.

Source: Storm in a Cup Facebook Page

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