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#TheMarcusFenixCollection has been acknowledged by Phil Spencer & Cliffy B

Are you a Gears of War fan? Would you like to see Gears 1, 2 & 3 come to the Xbox One?

Well so does a HUGE number of the gaming population, to the point that even Phil Spencer and Cliffy B have acknowledged this demand.

Iron Wolf started this movement a little over a week ago as he is a TRUE Gears of War fan and wants to see every single Gears fan have the ability to play this amazing collection on the next gen.

The first turning point for this movement was the support of Cliffy B, the godfather of Gears himself, tweeting Iron Wolf back saying “I’d play the shit out of that”

cliffy b says YES

cliffy B um

The next major turning point was the recognition from Phil Spencer himself acknowledging the moment with this tweet:

ps syas yes

There has been multiple support videos posted on You Tube supporting this movement created by Iron Wolf which you can find linked in the description of the two videos below.

This is something the gaming community CLEARLY wants to happen. The #TheMarcusFenixCollection is now trending due to its massive support and the fact that Phil Spencer and Cliffy B have taken the time to look back through the entire social media support for this suggests that we could very well see this become a reality.

We all know Phil Spencer to be very focused on what the gamers want, what we provide feedback on and the direction that we as consumers want to see the next gen head in.

So please get behind #TheMarcusFenixCollection and tag it in all your social media interactions and let’s see this become a reality sooner rather than later.

A special thanks going out to Iron Wolf for setting the wheels in motion and making sure our voices have been heard by those on high.



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  2. Thanks a lot for the blog.Really looking forward to read more.



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