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A little life-hack for smart phone users

We can all be a bit pressed for time and if you use your phone as often as I do you are probably always re-charging it. I was surprised that not many people seemed to be aware of this life-hack so thought I would share it with you.

smart phones


The fastest way to re-charge your phone obviously is to turn it off, but did you know that by putting your phone into ‘Airplane Mode’ it will charge faster than normal also?


With GPS lying dormant and all other wireless radios inside the device rendered temporarily inactive, your phone isn’t using battery on all these things while it’s charging enabling it to charge faster.

The difference isn’t massive, approximately 15 minutes faster to charge your phone to 100%, however if you are time poor that 15 minutes can make a lot of difference and get you back to reading more PlayBack Gaming articles quicker 😀


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