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Google is taking over the video world – next stop is Twitch

In June this year I reported on speculation circulating that Google was scoping out the purchase of Twitch. Today it looks like we now have confirmation.

Various reports are circulating with slightly different versions of the details of this deal, however the consistent facts are that the deal has been signed, and the purchase will take place with $1 billion exchanging hands.


The You Tube division of Google is in charge of this acquisition which is clearly going to result in some major changes and additions to You Tube’s business practices as they are the top platform for internet video, providing over 6 billion hours of video per month to over 1 billion users.

Over 50 million viewers are active on Twitch ever month, with another 1.1 million broadcasters monthly as well, so when you combined those two together we are looking at a powerhouse of various online entertainment and streaming services.

Google and Twitch are still declining to comment, however when they provide clearer details of when this purchase will take place and what changes we as consumers can expect I will be sure to update you.

SOURCES: Polygon & Variety


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