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The next Mass Effect gets new details & images at SDCC

The BioWare panel at the San Diego Comic Con has been the source of some new information and images of the next Mass Effect game.

Here are some of the details that managed to make their way to us:

  • The Next Mass Effect is has a “Spiritual Successor” vibe.
  • Frostbite 3 allows the animation team to do things they “couldn’t even imagine before.”
  • Speaking of customization, the team wants to give players as much choice as possible.
  • It’ll be set during shepard’s life time, but won’t involve him/her. It’s a completely new story.
  • Cooperative multiplayer is more important for BioWare than competitive.
  • Some of the characters from old games may make an appearance.
  • It’s too early to announce composers and races available to the players.
  • The mako will return, and it’s very fast.
  • The game isn’t titled Mass Effect 4, at least for now.

These are some images from the presentation taken by Twitter users Nerd Appropriate and SuperNerdMe showing off the male and female armor and the Mako.

mass effect 3


mass effect 1

mass  effect 2

SOURCE: gameinformer


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