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Deadpool Test Footage now in HD

Did you catch the Deadpool test footage recently?

 Probably one of the hottest items leaked from San Diego Comic-Con lately has been supposed “test footage” for a Deadpool movie. Typically, test footage is used whenever a studio wants to see the reaction of interest from a specific fan base. Deadpool has been one of the quickest growing comic book characters of the last decade or so and it is no surprise that he is a fan favorite to go on the big screen. Given the fact that Deadpool’s content is on the darker, foul and gruesome side of the comic book scene, it is hard to imagine a film being properly done without enough severing, blood, lewd jokes and foul language.

The footage is said to feature Ryan Reynolds under the mask. Reynolds played the role of Wade Wilson, or Deadpool outside of the red tights, in the first Wolverine movie. Do you think this test footage was enough to get a quality studio backing, and if so will we see it done right?

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1 Comment on Deadpool Test Footage now in HD

  1. That’s pretty kick-ass, actually. Look forward to seeing more.


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