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Diablo III runs at 1080p on PS4 & Xbox One

With resolution being such a big deal and all, there is good news for both PS4 And Xbox One's port of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition which is due out in two weeks time.

Both ports are going to be running at 1080p according to sourcea at Blizzard. They will also be running at a steady 60 frames per second solidifying as one of the few games on next generation to master the benchmark for both consoles. Previously, The Xbox One port was said to run at 900p & 60 frames per second; now Xbox One users will use a day one patch to adjust these settings.

The game will feature both the orignal game as well as the expansion Reaper of Souls. Players who bought the original game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will also be able to transfer over previous game saves, though how this will be accomplished is yet to be known [to our knowledge at PlayBack].

PlayStation 4 users picking up the new edition will also be receiving a bonus of zombie hordes from The Last of Us as baddies in game. They will also receive a unique armor set that was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus.

In a day in age that resolution seems to matter most, it is good to know that they will hit at console perfect pixelation. Sony will not be sued for not hitting this benchmark nor will Microsoft win a best real-time graphics award with a lower resolution port of a game.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is due out August 19 on PC, PlayStation 3 & 4 as well as Xbox One & 360.

Source: Game Informer

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