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Twitch has new rules – it was on the cards and now it’s being implemented

Yesterday Twitch released an announcement advising that:

“Twitch will be implementing technology intended to help broadcasters avoid the storage of videos containing unauthorized third-party audio.  We respect the rights of copyright owners, and are voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners.”

So basically if you have a video that is flagged as having unauthorized audio in it your video will be muted for 30 minutes from the point that the audio in question starts and possibly removed.

More detailed information about how all of this works can be found here.

Recently I reported on news that Google has purchased Twitch and that their YouTube branch would be looking after this acquisition. This new change to Twitch screams ‘You Tube’ rulings.

So be careful Twitchers, be mindful of the audio that you use or you too may become subject to these penalties.

Here is what the notification will look like:

twitch audio

Twitch also has announced that they are dropping the option to save past broadcasts forever.

Under the new system Twitch will save past broadcasts for a longer time (up to 60 days for Twitch Turbo subscribers or members of its partner system) however there will no longer be a “save forever” option.

SOURCE: Twitch


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