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Dying Light gets an awesome new trailer

Techland will be bringing Dying Light to us in February of 2015, and have just released another new trailer to keep us on the hook.

We will be seeing a lot more from Dying Light at Gamescom this week, which we will ensure we keep you fully updated on but in the meantime here is the new zombie infested trailer:

Dying light will launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

SOURCE: Dying Light on YouTube


1 Comment on Dying Light gets an awesome new trailer

  1. If this comment g oes to thecreators of dying light u guys fuck rock that game looks awsome and I haven’t even played it yet that’s the first game I’m getting new year and I candy wait and I’m a huge parlour fan cuz I freerun and making 4 players mind blowing I’m extremely excited I literally counting down the days and I watch a gameplay or a demo game play ever day u guy are amazing out of all my 15 years of breathing u guys brought my life so much joy with this game thank u my life us complete


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