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Awesome game themed Monopoly boards on the way: Assassin’s Creed, Zelda, Nintendo

If you love your board games as well as your video games you are most certainly going to love this.

USAopoly have announced another addition to their special-themed Monopoly games which they develop under license from Hasbro.

On its way and ready to pre-order at some retailers in Europe, is an Assassin’s Creed themed board.

Instead of the traditional car, iron and hat, you will have a selection of the different protagonists from the AC series: Altair, Ezio, Connor Kenway, his grandfather Edward Kenway, Aveline, or Arno Dorian.

AC monopoly

USAopoly are also releasing a Zelda-themed board.

It will include all of the things you would expect: Hyrule real estate, rupees for currency, The Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle estate locations.

zelda monopoly

If neither of those two interest you USAopoly have many other designs out and upcoming, including this Nintendo board.

nintendo monopoly

With Christmas creeping up on us very quickly these will make for the ultimate gift for that special gamer in your life. I have linked USAopoly for you below so go check out some of the many other awesome video game themed items they have coming up.




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