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Tomb Raider and others not truly exclusive

So yesterday, there was an inanely huge backlash of the announced exclusivity of The Rise of the Tomb Raider. In a way it is a bit absurd in how the backlash was conducted on both fronts for Sony and Microsoft fans. What it really should come down to when an exclusive is announced is paying attention to the wordage used.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, revealed to Eurogamer that the deal with Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics is a timed exclusive. There has been no mention on the length of the duration but we do know it will come first to the Xbox consoles, both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We should, as gamers and as consumers, figure out the language that these companies use to convey a message that is not wrong because the proper wordage is use. The statement in the reveal yesterday was “launching as a Holiday 2015 exclusive on Xbox.” The statement entails that in that time period, the game will be exclusive on Xbox.

Gamers should look out for a specific pairing of words as a clue, “launching exclusively.” When this statement is made it means that when the game releases it is launching on one console with the intention or potentially porting over to other consoles.

When seeking out exclusives, first a gamer should recognize if the studio developer is a first party or third party studio. This will immediately eliminate confusion on anything further. However, if it turns out the studio is a third party then you should keep an ear open for “available only on.” When these words are used it means that the game is intended only to remain on the given console.

Typically, when these games are released neither side looks at the PC as a competitor to their intentions. It is less likely to assume that a game will not make its way there as it is to actually port to PC.

Other games announced yesterday that were announced as timed exclusives also include DayZ and Hellblade. So rest easy everyone, you will be able to play all of these games in dues times, unless you pick up a new console as a means to play it first.

Source: EuroGamer

Source: GameSpot

Source: Polygon

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