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Shenmue merchandise launched in September, Tokyo Game Show is in September…… hmmm

By all means, this could just be a huge coincidence. That the Insert Coin Clothing company are making an official Ryo Hazuki replica jacket that will be available to pre-order the same month of the Tokyo Game Show. Anyone see where I’m going with this??

Shenmue fans will be well aware of the #SaveShenmue movement that is in full force across social medias and the hype around the possible announcement of a Shenmue 3.

Is this simply a coincidence? Or is this the start of what will be one of the biggest months for Shenmue fans in years?


@TeamYu currently have a competition running where you can enter a design and win a large discount of the purchase off your official Ryo Hazuki replica jacket, simply visit their twitter page.

For more details about the Tokyo Game Show and my predictions, which include Shenmue, please see the video below:




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