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Fez and Polytron Up For Sale, Phil Fish Wants To Burn You

This is Phil Fish after all, we cannot always take what he says as something he is actually willing to commit to.

Update: It seems that Phil has taken down his Twitter for the time being, again. Only time will tell if he is serious about selling. Betting odds are probably no.

Original story below:

Just days after his last outburst, just kidding, this is Phil Fish we are talking about here he is always having an outburst. Just recently Fish took to Twitter to declare that he would be putting his Indie company Polytron and the rights to Fez up for sale. The claims says that any reasonable price will not be turned down. Again, knowing Fish his IP might be somewhere in the $100 million ballpark range in his mind.

Afterwards, Phil also went on a rant to let gamers once again know how much he hates the gaming community. It started with calling gamers terrorists after claiming his website for Polytron had been compromised and ended with wishing he could burn video games and gamers in a building essentially.

Thanks Phil, we hate you too.

Phil Fish is a nutcase

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