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#TheMarcusFenixCollection and Gears 4 – Rumors exposed

Today we have seen a lot of videos on YouTube and statements on various social media outlets saying that "devs and a big exec guy" have confirmed that there will be no #TheMarcusFenixCollection and various other statements about the development of the next installment of Gears of War by Black Tusk Studios.

Well I am very pleased to be able to report that you can put NO validity in these so called ‘secret sources’ that have put out the following information:

The next Gears of War has been in development for sometime now. Unfortunately there is very little information coming forth from Microsoft after the acquisition of the franchise from Epic Games. When is the next installment being released? What tales does the new story hold? Are there rocket propelled dinosaur robots? Well luckily for fans (unlucky for Microsoft and developers Black Tusk Games) some light may have just been shed on a few of these crushing questions thanks to a few members of the Gears of War team.

Coming from a very reliable source, the following information about the next Gears of War, and Xbox One games in general has been leaked:

Gears of War

  • The next Gears of War game will include 10-16 multiplayer maps at release.
  • There is a planned homage to the previous games in the form of remastered classic multiplayer maps.
  • There is currently no planned “Marcus Fenix Collection” in the pipeline (sorry Twitter).
  • The next installment in the series is going to be “treated like Halo 4″. This could mean a number of things. Departure from the original story? New main character and supporting cast? That is all speculation but sources point to a departure from the norm.
  • Next game will be 1080P and 60FPS.
  • Gears of War is in a playable pre-alpha state.
  • There are currently members of the Gears team actively testing the game.
  • Microsoft is anticipating an early 2015 release date (projected for March, maybe a beta?).

Xbox One

  • As of 2015 ALL Xbox One games are expected to sit at an astronomical 60-70GB per game making space on your hard drive a thing of the past.

We should take this information with a grain of salt, the game is still in early development and as we all know, plans to change. For right now things are looking mighty fine for all of you GoW fans, mighty fine indeed” – Gaming with Scissors.


Phil Spencer

wolf 1

fergo 2

We have had very little information released about the next installment of Gears of War, and you can be sure that when we do get more information it will not be via a random gamer in a “Xbox Live Party with developers” that make ‘statements’ exposing themselves and provide ‘information’ about the games development.

You can be rest assured, as actual creditable information is released about the next installment of Gears and/or #TheMarcusFenixCollection you will most certainly hear it from me.


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