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Halo 5: Guardians, Beta Details

Haven’t had a chance to check out what’s headed your way with the Halo 5 beta? Well here’s the run down for you.

In order to take part in the beta for Halo 5: Guardians you need to purchase The Master Chief Collection.

4v4 arena gameplay is the focus of the beta and will be available from December 29th 2014 through to January 18th 2015 (3 weeks).
You will have access to 7 maps, 3 modes, 11 sandbox weapons and 7 armor sets that you will be able to customize your Spartan with.
These are small maps tailored to 4v4 combat with ‘Fair Start’ – red team load outs will be the same as blue team load outs.
You will be able to experience this in 60 FPS on dedicated servers with the Halo channel running throughout the beta. You can also unlock items that will carry over to Hals 5: Guardians.
Check out the beta details below:



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