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Potential Super Smash Bros. lineup leaked?

The final lineup of the next Super Smash Bros. game may have potentially been leaked as well as possible details of the game.

UPDATE 2: Nintendo hits with a copyright strike on a video in question that revealed two new characters. via Game Informer

UPDATE: According to Game Informer, Nintendo has responded to their inquiries via e-mail¬†declaring that there is “nothing to announce at this time.”

Original story below.

Before we begin this article remember that none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo and are only rumors as of now.

NeoGAF users have potentially leaked the final lineup of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U coming this fall. While nothing has been confirmed it is pretty neat to at least think of some of those joining the cast such as the Dog from Duck Hunt. The rumors that were posted also point to some potential details that would add more bulk to the game

SSB Leak

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The rumors went on to show off sneak peak stills that were taken while Best Buy was running the game for a weekend over the summer as a play it first deal. Reading through the NeoGAF forum, it seems as though the general consensus of everyone is that this is a fake, and one helluva good fake at that. One user suggested that this could be no more than a litmus test by the developer to gauge the community interest in certain characters, though it seems to be a little close to launch to be doing a litmus test of this magnitude.



Source: NeoGAF via Kotaku



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